Automation systems, robotics, electronics, software and engineering services that will make your factory, mill or mine, be more productive, safer and more profitable.

Seven Companies, One Vision: The Ionic Technology Group.

Technology's Exponential Evolution

The nature of technology is that it evolves quickly. Every day, it branches out into new and exciting directions. New ideas, new discoveries, new applications. But which ones have practical implications for your business operations?  Which ones are ready for production today? Which ones show promise for the future? And which ones are likely to cause more problems than they solve?

This is the challenge that the Ionic Technology Group exists to solve for you. Our teams of engineers, technologists and developers specialize in recognizing common challenges and choosing the right technologies to improve your factory, mill or mine operations, improving you productivity, safety and bottom line.

With customers, partners and distributors located around the world, the Ionic Technology Group will work with your engineering and production teams to develop the products and systems that meet your specific requirements.  And we will be there after installation to provide first class service and support, ensuring that your systems operate efficiently, reliably and safely for many years to come.